Strata Property Management

Residential Strata Management

HoShing Realtors & Associates manages your Real Estate Properties 24-7!

Our Motto: “We are there, every step of the way”

All Strata individual owners have 4 major concerns:

Timely and Proper Collections and Payables Disbursement

Up to Date Reporting and Complete Accountability

Regular and Complete Real Estate Maintenance of the complex

Maximizing Earnings while Minimizing Expenses

Take the stress of Strata Management away by hiring HoShing Realtors – the go getter, issue solver, then sit back and enjoy your well-deserved comfort and profits!

Our streamlined operations system eliminates unnecessary costs and wastage. We have a stringent selection process for all suppliers and service providers in place.

Everything is documented intimately in user friendly forms and documents that are open for inspection by property owners and their representatives.

We employ professional maintenance people if and when necessary to care for all properties under our management. Our dedicated staffs are knowledgeable on all aspects of real estate property maintenance and supervision. We have contingency plans for all risks and disaster related incidents in place.

We safeguard your investment by keeping your property attractive through painstakingly detailed maintenance, attention to the Cost to Benefit Ratio and practicing regular inspections in order to prevent rather than fix problems.

We will be honoured to manage your Strata Complex for you.

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Latest On Sale Properties

9 Sweet River, Savanna La Mar

  • JA$23,500,000
  • Land for Development, Lot

474 Retirement, Granville Phase 2

  • JA$4,600,000
  • Lot, Residential

475 Retirement, Granville Phase 2

  • JA$4,750,000
  • Lot, Residential

144 Paradise Heights

  • US$120,000
  • Beds: 6
  • Baths: 4
  • House, Single Family Home
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