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Strata Property Management


Take the stress of Strata Management away by hiring HoShing Realtors and Associates – the go getter and issue solver. Then sit back and enjoy your well-deserved comfort and profits! We will be honoured to manage your Strata Complex for you.


Maintenance Excellence

We ensure proactive maintenance schedules, swift response to repairs, and a dedicated team to uphold property aesthetics and functionality.

Financial Transparency

We emphasise transparent financial reporting, detailed budgeting, and strategic reserve fund planning, fostering confidence in fiscal responsibility.

Effective Communication

We prioritise open lines of communication through regular updates, community newsletters, and an accessible platform for homeowners to stay informed and engaged.

Dispute Resolution

We ensure fair application of rules, regular reviews to adapt to community needs, and offer efficient dispute resolution mechanisms to maintain harmony.

Safety Assurance

We implement robust security measures, conduct regular safety assessments, and provide emergency preparedness plans, fostering a secure environment for homeowners.

Administrative Support

Facilitate administrative functions, deftly maintaining accurate records, meticulously crafting agendas and recording minutes for meetings, proficiently managing correspondence, and adeptly orchestrating communication amongst owners, tenants, and the strata council with notable efficiency.

Enforcement of Bylaws

Upholding and enforcing the bylaws and regulations of the community. They are the essential guardians who ensure that all residents adhere to the established rules that govern the property. By doing so, they maintain harmony and order within the strata scheme. Additionally, they are tasked with the judicious handling of any infractions or disagreements that may emerge, ensuring that such issues are resolved in a manner that promotes the collective well-being and ensures the integrity of the community’s standards.

Strata Management Fees

The present fee framework, comprising between fifteen to eighteen percent (15% to18%) of the Operating Budget, stands as an established norm. Nevertheless, should the involved parties concur, an alternative agreement can be forged, stipulating a fixed amount in lieu of the conventional percentage-based scheme.

Meet our Strata Management Team

For additional information contact our Account Executive

Violet Palmer, CMgr, MCMI, MBA


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