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Property Management

HoShing Realtors is Always There


We are there, every step of the way

Always There

HoShing Realtors and its agents are available 6 days a week to ensure prompt response to maintenance and repair requests.

Property Management Services


  • Website – Our website is available 24 hours to landlords and tenants offering useful information regarding various properties for rent and sale, and real estate news.
  • Facebook – provides access to millions of users worldwide.
  • Twitter – provides access to millions of users worldwide that seek quick updates.
  • Craigslist – Is a search engine for millions of users on the web
  • The Gleaner/The Western Mirror
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – where over 10,000 Real Estate Agents have Access.
  • Exchange Network – we participate in an exchange network with other cooperative property management to maximize results.


  • Keeps record of available units
  • Pre-interview prospect tenants
  • Accompany all potential tenants to property
  • Post-interview prospect tenants
  • Tenant Screening – job verification (verbally and written)

Handover & Inspection

HoShing Realtors will arrange a formal handover from Property owner, including all necessary paperwork, such as light and water certificates to make the transition efficient.  During this process we will inspect the said units for move-in status. In some cases a video camera will be used to record the visual inspection.

We perform periodic drive-by inspections to check for apparent abnormalities.

Rent/Strata/Lease Management

HoShing Realtors maintains a register of the commencement and expiry details of all rentals/strata/lease.  During the running of your property, we will identify any breaches of the rental/strata/lease agreement or rules and regulations of the unit by the tenants.

Property Maintenance & Services

Throughout the occupancy of each tenancy HoShing Realtors conducts regular internal and external inspection.

When maintenance or repair required we will contact the appropriate professional for the job or the appropriate professional that is provided by the property owner.

Reporting and Financial Management

HoShing Realtors provide a set of accounts summarizing all financial transaction on the property, such as receipts and payments, cash received, funds supplied for management, direct payment, disbursement, direct banking, commission schedules and arrears.

Banking Service

HoShing Realtors  will collect all rentals and deposit to the Property Owner’s account within 48 hours next business day.

Legal Guidance

HoShing Realtors have a good relation and liaise with government bodies on a regular basis such The Real Estate Board, Rent Board and other bodies.

Why HoShing Realtors & Associates as your Property Manager?

  • Tanya HoShing has been in real estate since 2006
  • Prides itself on managing properties under our stewardship
  • An increase in property portfolio profitability that subsidizes the cost of our services.
  • Our fee on rent collected ensures you do not have to pay management fee based on rent that is not received as you might with other Property Managers

Our goal as a Property Manager

Manage our client’s properties that their only involvement with their property is to receive rental revenue.

Property Management Fees

Our fees are based on a percentage of the gross rent collected each month, depending on how large that rent is and location. 

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