Rental Forms

Rental Forms

Forms – Listing Rental properties with HoShing Realtors

  1. authority-to-rent-form-hr-assoc   (open market listing)
  2. multiple-listing-agreement-form-lease-fillable (Exclusive market listing)
  3. customer-information-form

Forms – Renting residential properties with HoShing Realtors

  1. Hoshing Realtors rental Application
  2. customer-information-form
  3. offer-to-rent-form-print-2

All forms must be accompanied by

1. Copy of a government issued identification; if you are overseas one must have the identification notorised.

2. Proof of address such as a utility bill or a letter from a Justice of the Peace.

3. Source of funds such as proof of income, Pre-Approval letter from the financial institution.

4. Proof of ownership of the property being sold or renting.

5. Taxpayer Registration Number(TRN)

Checklist – poca-check-list-of-required-items

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